Biodiversity and Animal Conservation Lab

The main objective of the Biodiversity and Animal Conservation Laboratory (BAC Lab) is, first of all, to broaden the knowledge base concerns the ecological and social factors affecting populations of living beings and ecosystems, in order to be able to transfer conservation guidelines and biodiversity improvements towards territory management plans. The BAC Lab diversifies research in Mediterranean, Eurosiberian and Boreo-alpine habitats and landscapes.

The integration of conservation guidelines into the agricultural, forestry and country management and planning is based on methodological approximations combining basic research and applied research. As basic research we understand the study of the populations biology , biogeography and final selection of their habitat by the species, in relation with the human uses and requirements. This analysis provides the scientific instruments required for the applied research. Basically, it is the evaluation of the conservation status of the species and their habitats, in order to elaborate plans and measures for the conservation and recuperation of the biological diversity and the habitats restoration.

The research activities of our team are focused on the biology and management of fauna and its habitats, particularly on species with a high conservation value, on the development of indicators of the biological changes, and on the elaboration of guidelines to improve the management of natural systems of the Mediterranean region.

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