Laura Cardador

Laura Cardador

Researcher at the Estación Biológica de Doñana CSIC in Sevilla and since 2014 associate researcher at the BacLab-CTFC in Solsona. My main research line focus on the study of ecological factors affecting spatial distribution and population dynamics of species, paying particular attention to human-induced environmental changes, as well as their implications for conservation and management in a complex and changing world. Most of my research has centered in agricultural landscapes and farmland bird populations. Using these systems as study models, I have worked on the effects of environmental factors, sociability, dispersal constraints and density-dependent mechanisms in species distributions and range expansions.


Peer-reviewed Journals (SCI)

  1. Cardador L, De Cáceres M, Bota G, Giralt D, Casas F, Arroyo B, Mougeot François, Cantero-Martínez C, Moncunill J, Butler S, Brotons Ll. A resource-based modelling framework to assess habitat suitability for steppe birds in semiarid Mediterranean agricultural systems. PLoS ONE (in press).
  2. Cardador L, Sardà-Palomera F, Carrete M, Mañosa S (2013) Incorporating spatial constraints in different periods of the annual cycle improves species distribution model predictions for a highly mobile bird species. Diversity and Distributions, doi: 10.1111/ddi.12156.
  3. Afan I, Navarro J, Cardador L, Ramírez F, Kato A, Rodríguez B, Roupert-Coudert Y, Forero MG (2013) Foraging movements and habitat niche of two closely related seabirds breeding in sympatry. Marine Biology 161: 657-668.
  4. Cardador L, Carrete M, Mañosa S (2012) Inter-individual variability and conspecific densities: consequences for population regulation and range expansion. PLoS ONE 7: e33375.
  5. Cardador L, Planas E, Varea A, Mañosa S (2012) Feeding behaviour and diet composition of the Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginosus in agricultural landscapes. Bird Study 59: 228-235.
  6. Cardador L, Carrete M, Mañosa S (2011) Can intensive agricultural landscapes favour some raptor species? The marsh harrier Circus aeruginosus in Northeastern Spain. Animal Conservation 14: 382-390.
  7. Cardador L, Mañosa S (2011) Foraging habitat use and selection of Western Marsh-Harriers (Circus aeruginosus) in intensive agricultural landscapes. Journal of Raptor Research 45: 168-173.
  8. Cardador L, Mañosa S, Varea A, Bertolero A (2009) Ranging behaviour of Marsh Harriers Circus aeruginosus in agricultural landscapes. Ibis 151: 766-770.

Popular science publications

  1. Cardador L, Carrete M, Mañosa S (2014). Factors affecting expansion success of bird populations in human-transformed environments: the marsh harrier Circus aeruginosus in the Ebro Valley. Catalan Journal of Ornithology (in press)
  2. Cardador L, Bota G, Giralt D, Casas F, Arroyo B, Cantero C, Mougeot F, Viladomiu L, Moncunill J, Brotons Ll (2012). Endangered birds and farming: new conservation strategy approaches. Lychnos 9: 33-39.
  3. Rodriguez B, Afán I, Navarro J, Cardador L (2011) Report of breeding evidence of the Barbary Falcon (Falco peregrinus pelegrinoides) in Chafarinas Archipelago. Go-south Morocco Ornithological Reports.

Book chapters

  1. Cardador L, Arroyo B (2012). El aguilucho lagunero. In: Atlas de las aves en invierno en España 2007-2010. Madrid: Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente-SEO/BirdLife. pp. 174-175.
  2. Cardador L (2011). Aguilucho Lagunero Occidental. In: Lacasa M, editor. El libro de las rapaces. Photodigiscoping. pp. 202- 213.
  3. Cardador L, Bonfil J, Estrada J, Mañosa S, Varea A (2011) L’arpella vulgar (Circus aeruginosus). In: Herrando S, Brotons Ll, Estrada J, Guallar S, Anton M, editors. Atles dels ocells de Catalunya a l’hivern 2006-2009. Bellaterra: Lynx. pp. 210-211.
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