Joan Navarro Bernabé

Researcher at the Estación Biológica de Doñana CSIC in Sevilla and since 2014 associate researcher at the BacLab-CTFC in Solsona. My research interests lie in the area of the animal ecology, particularly the foraging strategies and ecological roles of marine predators. I have been investigating the foraging ecology of marine predators at different levels of ecological complexity (from individuals to populations and communities), deeping into the understanding of the major ecological and evolutionary drivers explaining individual- and population-level variation in behaviour. Directly linked with the foraging ecology of species, I am also interested in the functional relationships between the key-species structuring communities and ecosystems, mainly in marine systems but also in terrestrial ones.

Specific research lines:

- Influences of life-history and phenotypic variation on the foraging strategies of marine predators

- Effects of environmental variability on the spatial distribution of marine organisms

- Anthropogenic influences on the feeding strategies of predators

- Ecological niche factors and the coexistence of sympatric organisms

- Trophic structure and energetic pathways between prey and predators in marine food-webs

- Ecological and trophic role of consumers

- An ecosystem-based approach to manage marine resources

More information in my research please visit my personal web.

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