BACLab has been awarded with a grant from the Barcelona Zoo Foundation

Recently, the project “Effects of landscape heterogeneity on the conservation of agricultural steppe birds: plasticity and trophic competition along a gradient of intensification” has been awarded with a grant from in the sixth edition of Research and Conservation program funded by the Barcelona Zoo Foundation.

This project aims to determine, through the combined use of stable isotopes (C and N) levels in blood, the effect of agricultural landscape management on the conservation of steppe species from a trophic point of view. The study aims to evaluate trophic plasticity and the inter and intra-specific relations related to the trophic structure of different species of birds nesting in sympathy (artificial nesting towers) along a gradient of agricultural intensification in the Lleida plain, Catalonia. Additionally the project aims to determine the effect of different types of habitat (quality and structure) and cereal harvest (as a powder modifier resources) on the relationship of competition for food resources between the studied species (jackdaw, roller, lesser kestrel, barn owl and little owl).

This project involved researchers from BACLab (David Giralt, Francesc Sarda and Gerard Bota), Joan Navarro from EBD-CSIC and BacLab associated researcher, as well as Dani Sol from CREAF-CSIC.

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