Workshop of the FARMLAND project

Between 13 and 17 April, a workshop took place at the CTFC, with the participation of members of the Biodiversity Area (Lluís Brotons, Gerard Bota and David Giralt) and Canadian and French researchers belonging to the various institutions involved in the projectFARMLAND  (Biodiversa-Eranet).

Workshop del projecte FARMLAND (Biodiversia - Eranet) al CTFC (Solsona)

The meeting had as main objective to write a scientific paper analysing the biodiversity data (butterflies, spiders, plants, birds, etc.) collected during 2013 throughout the eight European regions (France, United Kingdom, Germany and Catalonia) and 1 Canadian involved in this study.

The project Farmland focuses on the response of several components of biodiversity (plants, birds, butterflies, bees, etc.) and the ecosystem services they provide (pollination and pest control of crops) to the homogenization of agricultural landscapes (crop diversity, amount of agricultural plots, etc.). The ultimate goal is to identify points of convergence between agriculture, biodiversity and ecosystem services.

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