RICOVER (2009 – 2011)

The project aims to define and implement (through pilot interventions) strategies and methodologies joint protection and conservation of rivers SUDOE, taking into account, inter alia, natural features and biodiversity, the preservation of priority habitats and Heritage of the Natura 2000 network, the importance of rivers as ecological corridors, their contribution to the natural water cycle, the need for rich river and its economic value. It is expected that the tasks proposed in the draft the following results:

  • Identify degraded along the banks and the causes of degradation in the Guadiana watershed, Ter and Algarve. Meet invasive species present in the watershed above and study effective treatments to prevent its spread, so as to promote the conservation of biodiversity of river ecosystems in the territory goal.
  • Check and promote the applicability and effectiveness of bioengineering techniques in the region of SUDOE.
  • Check the impact of the implementation of technical conservation of biodiversity, promote adaptive management of each activity carried out (thus contributing to the successful implementation of the techniques SUDOE level).
  • Get the incorporation of ecological concepts in the recovery of rivers in all types of projects, from traditional civil engineering to new environmental conservation projects.
  • Raise awareness among authorities and industry professionals about the need to carry out reclamation of degraded riparian areas, taking into account the hydrological, geomorphological and biogeographical rivers and species.
  • Establish a permanent cooperation network management projects natural resources among entities working in the sector.
  • Increase the number of ecological restoration projects in rivers in the future.

Products RICOVER project seeks to achieve are:

  • Preparation of a study of identification and characterization of degraded areas in the catchment area of the Guadiana and the Algarve.
  • Mapping regional management of areas that have been recovered.
  • Implementation of multidisciplinary courses on the propagation of species of riparian zones for professionals in the industry.
  • Elaboration of the Charter of Recovery of river corridors of the Algarve.
  • Developing a common methodology and innovative approach to the management and recovery of degraded river banks and for the preservation of biodiversity, which may be transferable to other geographical areas SUDOE with similar problems ensuring that all future regional strategies and interventions are carried After following these principles.
  • Implementation of pilot projects on the application of bio-engineering techniques, stock control, cleaning and plantation of native species recovery in the riverine areas of the rivers Guadiana (Extremadura), Ter (Catalunha) and Odelouca (Algarve) .
  • Technical and scientific reports on the recovery action taken, identification of invasive species, techniques used, impact on biodiversity of the banks, etc..
  • Making a Good Practices Manual for the management of banks, joint methodologies and innovative techniques, and as applicable in space SUDOE



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