“Primeras colonias de nóctulos grande y mediano de Cataluña”

With this title David Guixé and Jordi Camprodon published an article on the September’s number of “Quercus” – a Spanish natural journal.

The main objective of the article is acknowledging the presence of the first Catalan colonies of Greater Noctule Bat (Nyctalus lasiopterus) and Noctule Bat (Nyctalus noctula) in Catalonia. The discovery of these colonies was realized during a study supported by the environmental department of the Catalan government and the council of Lleida.

N. lasiopterus and N. noctula are forest bats, both included in the endangered species catalogue of Spain. These species are night mammals which use trees cavities. In Catalonia this kind of cavities are available on mature forests and urban gardens with big old trees on, but these are not a common habitats in the region.

In 2005, 2-3 individuals of greater noctule bat were founded in the Natural Park of “Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa” but never before a colony had been detected. The study allows knowing a colony of 8 individual located in a beech grove of “La Garrotxa”.  With the intention to increase and protect the bat’s colony the management of this forest and other similar forests should conserve and promote trees with cavities.

The presence of a noctule bat’s colony was confirmed on 2010. The colony habits on the city of Lleida, in trees situated around the Segre’s river.It was detected with a special camera and the potent social noises doing by the males. The Lleida’s council is promoting some actions for educate the citizens about the existence and the importance of the specie’s presence. An example of an educational action is the successful celebration of the European Bat’s Night on 24th September it were participated 250 people.

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  • Guixé, D y Camprodon, J.(2011) Primeras colonias de nóctulos grande y mediano de Cataluña. En Quercus, Cuaderno 307. Septiembre, 2011. Madrid.
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