Forests of the World, a world of forests

In 2011 it was awarded as the International Year of Forests. Our existence would not be the same without forests: they supply us from wood to drugs, fight against climate change to retain carbon for growth, regulate the water cycle, protect the soil from erosion and are the main reserve of biodiversity on Earth. At the same time, form most of the landscapes and cultural heritage of humanity and provide jobs in mountains, plains and cities.

Forests are complex and fragile systems. We should use its resources in a sustainable way,  it should take only what the forest can recover in a reasonable time scale, one that does not endanger the continuity of the ecosistem. For the conservation of the world’s forests we need good policies and international cooperation in enabling the sustainable use, both in industrialized regions such as those who are not or are developing rapidly.

The last Friday, 5th of November it was celebrated the opening of the photographic exhibition “Forests of the world, a world of forests.” The exhibition is part of the acts of the 29th Festival of Mountain’s Film Unnim from Torelló and includes 28 pictures of forests from16 locations on all continents.

The coordination of the exhibition was carried out by Jordi Camprodon and there are photos of other members of the BAC lab as Gerard Bota and David Guixé. This exhibition includes examples of the forest wealth of the Earth, taken by 10 photographers and catalan naturalists. It includes major biogeographic regions of the World: the southern, the northern, the temperate (central Mediterranean), the subtropical and the tropical.

The exhibition can be seen at the Art Gallery of ” El Taller de Marcs Art-32″ from Torello and it will be opened until 19th of November.

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