“Hallada una población introducida de Ommatotriton ophryticus en el Prepirineo catalán”

This is the title of the article that David Guixé (BAC lab)  with Dani Villero (EcoLand), Albert Martinez-Silvestre (CRAC), Joaquim Soler (GNS) and Fernando Fontelles (GNS) will publish in the volume nº22 of “Boletín de la Associación Herpetológica Española.”

The article highlights the discovery of Ommatotriton ophryticuson on the “Pla de Busa” (Solsonès) This specie is a newt from the Middle East and it’s highly prized by fans of terrariums. The first individuals were located in early May and then the “Grup de Natura del Solsonès” did prospections carried out in order to remove other individuals of the specie. These animals were submitted to the “Servei de Biodiversitat i Protecció dels Animals de la Generalitat de Catalunya”, which eventually moved to the “Centre de Recuperació d’Amfibis i Rèptils de Catalunya“, which confirmed what kind of newt it was.

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